Request for Presentations

SORP is seeking presentations that provide tangible examples of stewardship, equity, and public health being incorporated into successful outdoor recreation research, planning, and/or management. We are particularly interested in (1) collaborative initiatives and efforts across multiple partners, (2) how these relationships can and have occurred across the country, and (3) the impacts of these collaborations.

Specifically, we are seeking proposals that address:

  • Best practices in recreation planning, community development, natural and historic/cultural resource stewardship, growing diverse outdoor recreation participation, and/or public health that benefit outdoor recreation and that can be used to guide similar efforts in other locations.

  • Successful case studies and/or projects that touch on stewardship and recreation, equity and recreation, public health and recreation, and/or other combinations of the conference theme topics.

  • Innovative initiatives that display a depth of integration and cooperation between multiple partners (e.g., recreation and tourism, equity and inclusion, community development, public health) that contribute to increased access to and participation in outdoor recreation, and greater resiliency for all partners.

SORP is committed to inclusivity, as well as social and environmental justice. We welcome proposals from anyone, and we especially encourage individuals of color, those with tribal affiliation, those with disabilities, those who identify as LGBTQ, veterans, and anyone else inclusively. Our mission is to be the voice of the Outdoor Recreation profession, and we won’t truly be able to achieve that vision without you.


The Program Work Group will review and evaluate all proposals based on their:

  1. Relevance to the overall conference theme

  2. Ability to touch on multiple thematic elements and perspectives

  3. Clearly stated learning objectives, and

  4. Inclusion of practical applications that may inform other efforts.

Please click below to view the full Request for Proposals or to submit a proposal. SORP will accept presentation proposals through November 15, 2019.