Each year, the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP) acknowledges and celebrates excellence in the outdoor recreation professional through our National Leadership, Individual Service, and Project Excellence Awards.

  • The National Leadership Award acknowledges an individual or organization whose career path has had a significant national impact on outdoor recreation and the outdoor recreation profession. 

  • The Individual Service Award honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the outdoor recreation profession, including teaching, planning, management, research, policy development, leadership, or innovative problem-solving and creativity. The award may recognize one specific contribution or a series of contributions.

  • The Project Excellence Award honors an exemplary outdoor recreation project, plan or program. This award recognizes innovative and solution-oriented practices, built projects, recreation programs and services that strive to enhance outdoor recreation benefits for communities. The scale may be local, regional, state or national. The award is presented to the collaborating agencies and organizations key to the success of the effort.

SORP is pleased to recognize our 2020 Award Recipients: